How to rid yourself of algae problems

Algae can be quite a nuisance to remove once it gains a stronghold in your tank. However, there are several simple solutions that will assist in prohibiting growth and removal.

Step 1: Turn off Lights

The first step in combating algae is to turn your lights off for 2-3 days and ensure no outside light is permeating into your tank.

After a few days, you will notice significant die-off. Do a water change and be sure to collect as much dead/dying algae as possible.

Step 2: Fix Light Cycle

Adjust your timers so that your lights are only on for 6-7 hours a day.

Step 3: Get a Clean up Crew

There are several different critters that enjoy eating algae.

Emerald Crabs: Emerald Crabs have a voracious appetite for many nuisance algae. They are particularly effective against bubble algae and will also readily consume hair algae and caulerpa as well as scavenging left over meaty foods. Be sure to provide them with plenty of food to keep them well behaved.

Tiger Conch: The Tiger Conch is a hard working scavenger that does a excellent job of cleaning detritus, algae and left over foods from the substrate. They burrow into the sand bed helping to keep it aerated.

Red Tip Reef Hermits: The Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crabs are known to eat hair algae, diatoms and cyanobacteria. They also help in aerating the sand bed through constant sifting. Be sure to provide plenty of extra shells in different sizes to prevent boredom and allow for growth.

Urchin: Urchins are perhaps the fastest algae eating critter in your tank. They are always on the move grazing on all different types of algae.