Proper Copper Protocols

NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER ADD COPPER TO YOUR DISPLAY TANK. This is a grave mistake that many hobbyists make. The problem with copper is that it kills most bacteria on live rock, as well as all inverts and all corals. And the second problem is that the silicone in the seams of your tank absorb copper and can release it into the tank in the future. Thus, when you dose your display tank with copper, you are making it forever a fish only tank, one that can never have live rock, inverts, or coral. It is also imperative to know that when you buy a used aquarium, always be sure to ask the owner if they ever put copper in it. Most people who have freshwater tanks do not think twice about dosing copper. If they did dose copper at one point, do not buy the tank. The value of the tank is very little because there is not much you can do with the tank, now.

THERE ARE CERTAIN TYPES OF FISH THAT YOU CANNOT PUT THROUGH COPPER. Copper can have a lot of negative effects on fish. It can burn the insides of gobies, and drastically affect the intestines and digestive systems of tangs, angels, and butterflies. Copper can also kill mandarins, eels, and hurt puffers.