Anchor Tusk

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The Anchor Tusk is a remarkably distinctive fish that often goes unnoticed. Similar to Harlequins, Anchor Tusks are generally harmless to corals and can therefore be added to reef aquariums. However, they have a tendency to consume cleanup crews, so it is important to be prepared to replace snails, crabs, and even urchins more frequently. Despite their intimidating appearance, Anchor Tusks are not particularly aggressive and can thrive in a large tank as a community fish. However, if added to an aquarium with established aggressive fish, they are likely to be bullied. Keep in mind that this species has a tendency to rearrange rockwork and sand beds, which can cause rocks to topple over. They can grow up to 20 inches and should be housed in an aquarium with plenty of swimming space. The Anchor Tusk is native to the Indo-West Pacific, where it inhabits reef flats and lagoon reefs up to 25 meters deep. As they mature from juveniles to adults, they undergo changes in both color and body shape.


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