Bamboo Shark Egg

SKU: AO6058Categories: Saltwater Fish

The incubation period for shark eggs can range from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the stage of development and water conditions in the aquarium. It’s important to keep the egg submerged in water until it hatches. Once hatched, feed the new shark small pieces of squid or silversides using a feeder stick. When housing sharks, avoid keeping them with other aggressive fish, except for puffers, triggerfish, and eels. Provide a large tank with a sandy bottom and minimal obstructions to allow for free swimming. Sharks and rays consume their food whole, so it’s crucial to feed them appropriately sized pieces of food. To ensure proper feeding, use a feeding stick and offer meaty foods like small fish (such as silversides), squid, and shrimp. For optimal nutrition and disease resistance, mix in Ocean Nutrition Shark Formula with the feeding.


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