Barhead Spinefoot Rabbitfish

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The Barred Spinefoot, also known as the Two Barred Rabbitfish, can be found in pairs swimming around the reefs of the Indo-West Pacific. It has an oblong body shape with a stunning combination of blue markings, a yellow back, and tail. Its eyes are hidden behind a black stripe that extends from the bottom of the mouth to the top of the head, with a matching black stripe behind the gill plate. Keeping this fish requires a minimum tank size of 120 gallons or larger. It is generally peaceful except when housed with other Rabbitfish. The Two Barred Rabbitfish can be kept in pairs and cohabitate with more aggressive fish. Its predators tend to avoid it due to its venomous dorsal spines, which it can raise when threatened. Care must be taken when handling this fish to avoid being stung by its venomous spines. The Two Barred Rabbitfish is generally reef-safe if it is well-fed with a diet that includes all types of macro-algae, and even bubble algae. However, if not fed properly, it may nip and consume some species of LPS and soft corals. To maintain a healthy diet, it is recommended to feed this fish a variety of fresh vegetables and algae. It may nip and possibly eat some soft and hard coral polyps.


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