Biota Blue Mandarin Goby

SKU: AO8825Categories: Goby, Saltwater Fish

An easier and more ethical option for keeping Mandarin Dragonets is to choose Biota’s captive-bred ones, as they readily consume prepared foods. Wild-caught mandarins require live food, which can be expensive and challenging to provide, especially for new hobbyists with small or immature tanks. Additionally, even with optimal captive conditions, wild-caught mandarins are susceptible to wounds caused by spear guns or the toxic cyanide used in the collection process, leading to high mortality rates in captivity. Biota’s captive-bred mandarins are raised sustainably and ethically on prepared commercial diets, making them easily accessible and affordable for aquarium hobbyists. They are already accustomed to eating small pellets and frozen shrimp or plankton, and customers report that they will consume most small meaty foods. Mandarins are small, peaceful, and safe for reef tanks due to their unpalatable mucous coating that protects them from predators and parasites. A minimum tank size of 30 gallons is recommended, and they should be kept in pairs in larger tanks to prevent fighting with conspecifics or similar species. An acrylic acclimation box can be used to introduce them to new tanks.


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