Biota Gold-lined Rabbitfish

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The Golden Lined Rabbitfish, scientifically known as Siganus lineatus, is a visually stunning, captivating, and efficient algae eater suitable for larger aquariums. They are herbivores and spend most of their time openly swimming and grazing on nuisance algae. Their light blue body is adorned with metallic gold lines, dots, and dashes, and a prominent lemon yellow blotch at the tail’s base. These fish can grow up to a foot in length, with 9 inches being more typical. They are fast and active swimmers, so a minimum tank size of 120 gallons is recommended, with longer aquariums of at least 6 feet being ideal for adult Rabbitfish. Rabbitfish are peaceful towards other fish but may fight with similar species. Their venomous spines make them a great addition to both peaceful and predator tanks, deterring predatory fish from preying on them. Caution should be exercised when handling and cleaning the tank, as their sting can be painful. The Rabbitfish population in Palau’s waters has decreased over time. Therefore, Biota has taken on the task of breeding them in captivity and later releasing them into the local Palauan waterways once they’ve grown to a suitable size. This is part of Biota’s “giving back to the ocean” philosophy and helps to restore wild populations. Biota has released more than 100,000 Rabbitfish to the waters of Airai State, Palau, to date. These are not just eggs or fry but have been raised for several months through their most vulnerable phase of life, increasing their chance of reaching adulthood.


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