Biota Regal Angel

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The Regal Angelfish, scientifically known as Pygoplites diacanthus, is a beautiful and popular fish among reef aquarists due to its distinctive blue, white, yellow, or orange vertical striations on its body and pelvic fin. The species is divided into different subgroups based on their physical characteristics, such as the yellow-breasted Maldives and Red Sea Regal Angelfish and the blue/gray-breasted Indo-Pacific, Coral Sea, New Caledonia, and Tahitian Regal Angelfish. Wild caught Regal Angelfish are known to be difficult to feed and maintain in captivity, but captive bred individuals are better adapted to life in a home aquarium. They are raised on prepared foods such as marine pellets and frozen foods and have been trained to eat them. Their ideal diet should consist of high-quality pellets like Easy Reefs DKI pellets and Masstick, Tdo pellets, frozen mysis, frozen Spirulina brine shrimp, and frozen angelfish diets containing sponge. Although captive bred Regal Angelfish are easier to maintain, they are still sensitive to changing water parameters, immature aquariums, and poor water conditions. It is essential to maintain stable water parameters and keep the tank free of detritus and organic matter in a quarantine tank before introducing the fish to the main aquarium. It is recommended to use an acrylic acclimation box and follow the appropriate acclimation procedure when introducing small fish to the aquarium. Most hobbyists consider the Regal Angelfish to be one of the more reef-safe angelfish species, although they may pick at fleshy LPS corals, soft corals, and clam mantles. However, they are generally safe with larger colonies of SPS corals and some unpalatable soft corals. Captive bred Regal Angelfish are reported to be even more reef-safe when well fed and prefer prepared foods over ornamental inverts and corals. Juvenile Regal Angelfish have a yellow coloration with white bars and a false eyespot at the base of the dorsal fin. As they mature, the bars become alternating white and yellow, and the eyespot fades into deep blue coloration on the rear of the dorsal fin. Most wild Regal Angelfish have uniform vertical bars, but some “misbar” specimens have unique patterns. Captive bred Regal Angelfish may be more likely to mature into individuals with exciting and variable “misbar” patterns, each unique. Adult Regal Angelfish can grow up to 10″ and need a minimum of a 125-gallon aquarium with plenty of swimming room. Juveniles are peaceful, while large adults are considered to be semi-aggressive and territorial with other large-type angelfish but can cohabitate with dwarf angelfish species. If you plan to keep a Regal Angelfish, it is essential to introduce them to the aquarium first so that they can stake out their territory before introducing other fish.


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