Biota Regal Tang

SKU: AO2753Categories: Saltwater Fish, Tang

Looking for a Dory fish without harming wild populations? Our new project offers 100% captive bred Biota Blue Tangs in small batches. The Blue Tang is a unique and visually stunning fish, sporting a rare deep blue color with a contrasting black “art pallet” pattern and a yellow tail. Not only is it beautiful, but it also has a lot of personality. The Blue Tang is mostly peaceful and safe to keep in a reef environment. While it may fight with other Blue Tangs, it generally gets along well with other species. If you already have tangs in your aquarium, adding a baby Biota Tang is possible. Check out our guide on mixing multiple tangs in the same tank. These fish can grow up to 8 inches in captivity, with males growing up to almost a foot long. Feed them diets rich in marine algae and some meaty foods. Our captive bred Blue Tangs prefer tiny pellet foods like DKI pellets, seaweed, and prepared diets like frozen Spirulina brine and Calanus.


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