Biota Starry Goby

SKU: AO9907Categories: Goby, Saltwater Fish

Artistic Oceans is pleased to introduce the Biota Captive-Bred Starry Goby as part of our expanding selection of sustainably raised and cultured aquatic life for hobbyists to add to their aquariums. These captive-bred gobies have an advantage over their wild-caught counterparts as they are more acclimated to conditions found in home aquariums, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced aquarists. The Biota Captive-Bred Starry Goby is a small and ornamental goby species that is not commonly available in the hobby, despite its wide natural distribution throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean from the Persian Gulf and Red Sea to the Hawaiian Islands, southern Japan, and northern Australia. This goby boasts a beautiful appearance with iridescent blue spots adorning its dusky and mottled body. To provide the best living conditions for the Biota Captive-Bred Starry Goby, it should be housed in a mature 10 gallon or larger aquarium with an established population of copepods and plenty of hiding places, live rock, and live sand. This peaceful and shy fish rarely shows aggression towards other fish, except for those of its own genus. Multiple individuals can be kept in larger aquariums, but it’s essential to ensure they are housed with peaceful fish and avoid more aggressive species. Like many gobies, the Biota Captive-Bred Starry Goby spends most of its time keeping busy in and around a burrow or hole it favors. The Biota Captive-Bred Starry Goby should be fed a varied diet of meaty and vegetable matter, including mysis shrimp, other frozen meaty foods soaked in a vitamin supplement, phyto- and zooplankton foods, and flake foods. To recreate natural feeding conditions, place the food in the outflow of a water pump or wavemaker so that it actively disperses into the water column. The Biota Captive-Bred Starry Goby should be fed multiple small meals throughout the day.


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