Black Cucumber

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The creature commonly known as the Black Sea Cucumber, also called the Black Cucumber, Black Sea Urchin, or Lollyfish, boasts a long, black body with a few spots. This species was initially identified in 1833 and is typically found in the Indo-Pacific region spanning from the Red Sea to Hawaii. Its preferred habitat is a sandy bottom, often partially covered in sand. It is essential to house the Black Sea Cucumber with peaceful tank mates and to avoid overstocking the aquarium. As a general guideline, maintain only three inches of worm for every 20 gallons of water. This species is highly susceptible to copper-based medications and is intolerant of high nitrate levels. Unlike some other sea cucumber species, the Black Sea Cucumber does not have Culvier’s tubules. However, if attacked or injured in the wild, it will expel its internal organs, which can be poisonous to fish. The creature will regenerate these organs after escaping, although this regeneration seldom happens in an aquarium setting.


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