Black Longspine Urchin

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The Long-spined Sea Urchin, also known as the Black Longspine Urchin, features a black body with long, thin black spines and a red eyespot in the center. Despite its delicate appearance, this species is capable of defending itself. They are excellent at controlling algae in aquariums with aggressive fish. It is important to provide the Black Longspine Urchin with sufficient hiding places and ample space to move around. These nocturnal creatures hide during the day and forage for algae and seaweed at night. They make great algae controllers in aggressive aquariums where other invertebrates are likely to be eaten. When threatened by fish, they sense their presence and direct their spines toward their attacker in self-defense. The Black Longspine Urchin is highly sensitive to copper-based medications and cannot tolerate high nitrate levels. If it begins to shed its spines, it is an indication of poor water quality. Additionally, it is venomous and can deliver a sting similar to that of a bee. Dried seaweed can be used to supplement their diet.


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