Blue Eye Kole Tang Medium

SKU: AO3826Categories: Saltwater Fish, Tang

The Blue Eye Kole tang is a colorful fish with a rusty body that turns yellowish-orange at the tail. It has polka-dots on its face and blue around its eyes, along with two dark spots near the base of its tail. Males and females look the same. These fish can grow up to 8 inches long and need a large aquarium of at least 75 gallons. They are part of the Ctenochaetus genus, known for their special teeth that help them remove detritus and filmy diatoms from rocks and glass. When young, they are yellow and considered peaceful. They should be added to the aquarium before other tangs, and the tank should be big enough. Tangs have a spine near their tail that can be used as a weapon when threatened. They like to have plenty of hiding spots and open swimming space. It’s best to have only one of each genus in an aquarium to avoid aggression. Tangs can catch external parasites, so care should be taken. Tangs are herbivorous and won’t eat coral or invertebrates, making them reef-safe. They enjoy marine algae but should also be fed other high-quality items. They typically learn to eat dry food easily and should be fed more than once a day.


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