Blue Green Chromis Small

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The Blue/Green Black-axil Chromis is a stunning, peaceful and easy-to-care-for member of the Pomacentridae family. Its light aqua dorsal side fading into a majestic iridescent green belly is a distinguishing feature. Juveniles lack the black blotch at the base of the pectoral fin, which can cause confusion with the Chromis viridis. However, the black blotch appears as the Black-axil Chromis matures. Despite being a true damselfish, this species is peaceful and can be kept with almost all other community fish, invertebrates, and corals. This fish is native to the Indo-Pacific and South Pacific, ranging from the Ryukyu Islands of Japan down to the western parts of Australia, and can be seen around most Oceania islands, except Hawaii and the Pitcairn Islands. In the wild, they prefer to school in large shoals in clear lagoons, passages, and seaward reef slopes. The Blue/Green Black-axil Chromis is commonly found swimming amongst branching corals such as Acropora. In the home aquarium, it does best in similar environments and will actively swim at all levels of the aquarium water column. Small schools of this species add a dazzling and dramatic shimmer of beauty to almost any larger, well-established reef system. This species is very hardy and can live between 8 to 15 years in aquariums with excellent water quality. It is best to feed them several times throughout the day with a varied diet of meaty foods, herbivore flakes, and frozen preparations. Vitamin-enriched foods may help preserve body coloration. Breeding the Blue/Green Black-axil Chromis in the home aquarium is possible, but success requires perfect water parameters in only the largest of non-predatory aquarium systems. Interestingly, the body color of mature males, ready to nest, changes to a muted yellow color.


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