Blue Ribbon Eel

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The Ribbon Eel, also known as the Ribbon Moray Eel, possesses unique physical features, such as a long and slender “ribbon-like” body, delicate jaws, and tubular anterior nostrils that are adorned with an intricate fan-like expansion. The Ribbon Eel exhibits a significant color transformation as it grows in length. As a juvenile, it is jet-black with a yellow dorsal fin. Upon reaching a length of 25-32 inches, it metamorphoses into a male, displaying a vivid blue color with a yellow snout and lower jaw. As it further grows and attains a length of 33 inches or more, it transforms into a female and turns completely yellow or yellow-blue. It is essential to provide a 55-gallon or larger aquarium for the Ribbon Eel, with a deep (4-5 inch) sandy bottom, under which it can live and hide. Its refuge may include a cave, man-made corals, or a PVC pipe buried in the sand with only one opening. To prevent escape, the aquarium requires a tight-fitting lid. The Ribbon Eel feeds on live feeder fish, crab, or shrimp and does not want to compete for food.


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