Blue Unicorn Tang

SKU: AO552Categories: Saltwater Fish, Tang

The Blue Unicorn Tang, also called the Spotted Unicornfish, is a fish species found in the clear waters surrounding Hawaii. As juveniles, they have a silver coloration and an oval shape, which gradually changes into a black and blue coloration and a long, bullet-like shape as they mature. Adult Blue Unicorn Tangs also develop a long horn on their nose. To keep this species, a larger aquarium with plenty of live rock is required to offer ample swimming space and hiding spots. While aggressive towards their own kind, they are peaceful with other fish. Offering marine-based seaweed and algae is crucial to their diet, although they will also eat meaty foods. Feeding dried seaweed tied to a rock or using a veggie clip at least three times a week is recommended to improve their health and immune system and reduce aggression. Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, and Ocean Nutrition are all excellent options.


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