Clarkii Clownfish

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The Clark’s Anemonefish, also known as the Captive-Bred Clarkii Clownfish, has a reddish-brown base with white stripes and an orange forehead when fully grown. The juveniles are yellowish-orange with three white stripes on each side of their body. Compared to wild-harvested species, the Captive-Bred Clarkii Clownfish has unique advantages. It is hardy and better adapted to conditions in home aquariums, making it suitable for novice and experienced aquarists. This species can also coexist with various other captive-bred clownfish if introduced at the same time. Breeding captive-bred clownfish is easy in home aquariums. Females are typically larger, and a pair will typically stay close to each other in the tank. These egg-laying fish will deposit eggs on a flat surface and protect them from other tank mates. Depending on the temperature, the eggs hatch in 6-11 days, and the fry must be raised separately in another aquarium and fed rotifers and baby brine shrimp. Captive-bred clownfish are omnivores and require a mix of meaty and green foods in their diet. They readily accept high-quality marine flake food rich in spirulina algae, freeze-dried and frozen foods.


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