Darwin clownfish

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The Amphiprion ocellaris, commonly known as the clownfish, has a variant called the Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish. This stunning color morph has striking jet black coloration and white stripes and can be found naturally only in a specific geographical area near Darwin, North Australia. To pay homage to its restricted origin, the name “Darwin ocellaris Clownfish” has been retained. Although this species was previously only minimally imported from the wild, it is now easily accessible thanks to successful captive breeding efforts. They have been meticulously chosen from superior quality broodstock fish and selectively bred for optimal body profile and intense black coloration. Our Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish are famous for being of exceptionally high quality, and they turn jet black at a very young age. Despite the notable difference in appearance from the regular ocellaris, the Darwin ocellaris displays similar feeding habits and behavior. They are reef safe.


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