Dragonface Pipefish

SKU: 252Categories: Saltwater Fish

Dragonface Pipefish, also known as Reeftop Pipefish or Messmate Pipefish, has a cream-colored body with black, pink, and yellow markings that vary from individual to individual. It has a unique feeding requirement of live copepods in a mature reef aquarium, and can also eat frozen Cyclops, small Mysis, and Nutramar Ova. It is best kept in mated pairs or groups in a 50-gallon or larger aquarium with small, shy fish. It can harm corals with strong stinging tentacles or large enough to consume it, and can also be harmed by invertebrates such as crabs, large shrimp, and large clams. This pipefish can eat “Red Bugs” found on Acropora corals and inhibit polyp extension and growth.


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