El Diablo Jawfish

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The El Diablo Jawfish is a newly “discovered” species of Jawfish that is sure to bring excitement and liveliness to your aquarium. This yet-to-be-described Jawfish has a similar appearance to Opistognathus scops, but is distinguished by its large, coarse mottling, with white “spots” forming a beautiful and attractive snowflake pattern. The El Diablo Jawfish also features a prominent ocellus at the front of its dorsal fin and an ocular band that extends down to its chin, giving it its common name. To keep an El Diablo Jawfish, you’ll need a 30-gallon or larger aquarium with docile tank mates and at least 3 to 4 inches of mixed substrate for burrowing. Broken coral branches, clam or snail shells, and assorted pieces of rubble will be essential den-building materials that will be eagerly welcomed. Like other Jawfish, El Diablo Jawfish display territorial aggression towards others of their own species, so it’s best to keep only one specimen, or a mated pair, per tank. Multiple El Diablo Jawfish can be housed together in a large enough tank where each Jawfish can comfortably establish its own territory. To prevent potential escape, an aquarium with a tight-fitting lid is required. The El Diablo Jawfish’s diet should consist of a variety of marine fish, crustacean flesh, and mysis shrimp.


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