Emerald Crab

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The Emerald Crab is a well-known scavenger that can be a great addition to your aquarium. Its scavenging ability is remarkable, and it can eat many types of uneaten meaty foods and algae, including bubble algae, which can be a nuisance in some tanks. Its green, shiny, flat body and hairy legs are easily recognizable. This species is native to the Caribbean reefs and is a nocturnal animal that spends its days hiding in caves or among rubble. In a home aquarium, the Emerald Crab requires a well-established tank with plenty of hiding places and rockwork. Once it becomes familiar with its environment, it will come out during the day to look for algae to eat. To keep the Emerald Crab healthy, it’s important to make sure there’s enough food available. Dried seaweed, chopped meaty foods like shrimp, and quality pellet fish food can be added to its diet. If not properly fed, it may start eating other organisms in the tank, including corals, invertebrates, or small fish. It’s important to note that the Emerald Crab does not tolerate copper-based medications or fluctuating water parameters, so careful attention must be paid to its environment. Overall, a well-fed Emerald Crab is tolerant of its tankmates and is highly compatible in reef environments.


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