Foxface Rabbitfish

SKU: 453Categories: Rabbitfish, Saltwater Fish

The Foxface Lo, also called the Foxface Rabbitfish, boasts a unique coloration with a mottled yellow-brown body and a dark chest. Its face is speckled and light in color. This species is highly durable and a great addition to a newly-established tank. It can thrive in a 125-gallon or larger aquarium and is generally peaceful, except when cohabitating with other rabbitfish. The Foxface Lo can also coexist with more aggressive fish, as its venomous dorsal spines tend to ward off predators. However, if underfed, it may nip at and consume some LPS and soft corals. To maintain a healthy diet, the Foxface Lo requires fresh vegetables and certain types of algae. It may also nip at soft and hard coral polyps if not properly fed.


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