Gem Tang

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The Gemmatum Tang, also referred to as the Gem Tang, is an exquisitely attractive fish featuring a stunning black body adorned with a constellation of vibrant white spots, accentuated by a bright yellow tail and pectoral fin highlights, adding a visual thrill to the onlooker. This remarkable species is native to the Western Indian Ocean, commonly found in the surge zones and deeper waters off the coast of Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, and the islands of Reunion and Mauritius. Due to its challenging collection and captivating appearance, the Gemmatum Tang is highly sought-after, commanding a relatively high price. The Gem Tang is among the most sought-after and prized saltwater fish due to its exceptional color and contrast, and is a desirable choice for a reef aquarium. With proper care, this species makes for a delightful and appealing addition to any large fish-only tank or reef aquarium. Adequate lighting, ample swimming space, and potential hiding spots are crucial for their proper maintenance. Like many other Tangs and Surgeonfish, the Gem Tang can be aggressive towards conspecifics and is not compatible with tank mates of a similar body shape, particularly other Tangs in the Zebrasoma genus.


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