Gold Spotted Rabbitfish

SKU: AO5802Categories: Saltwater Fish

Originating from the reefs of the Coral Sea, the Gold Spotted Rabbitfish, also known as the Gold Spotted Spinefoot, has a brown body adorned with beautiful golden spots, which extend even to its eye, helping with its camouflage. To thrive, it requires a larger aquarium, and it is generally a peaceful species, except when housed with other Rabbitfish. However, it can coexist with more aggressive fish and be kept in pairs. Its venomous dorsal spines, which it can raise when disturbed, make it an unattractive target for predators. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when handling this fish to avoid being stung by its spines. To maintain a healthy Rabbitfish, it should be provided with a diet that consists of fresh vegetables and algae, which is its main source of food. They are reef safe.


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