Kato Fairy Wrasse

SKU: AO2436Categories: Saltwater Fish

The Katoi Fairy Wrasse, scientifically known as Cirrhilabrus katoi, is a stunningly vibrant wrasse species with a bright orange body, accentuated by electric blue and purple hues in males. Females, on the other hand, display a more subdued appearance. Native to Japan, the Katoi Fairy Wrasse is a rare and highly sought-after species in the aquarium trade. It is compatible with reef environments and requires a spacious tank with ample open swimming area and rocky hiding spots. A tight-fitting lid is also essential to prevent the wrasse from jumping out of the tank. In terms of diet, the Katoi Fairy Wrasse readily consumes meaty foods such as frozen brine and mysis. This active and visually striking fish is a great addition to any tank, bringing a burst of color to the aquatic landscape. It is reef safe.


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