Margarite Snail

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The Margarita Snail is a highly desirable inhabitant in home reef aquariums due to its ability to consume large amounts of algae, including troublesome hair varieties. Unlike some snails, Margarites pupillus is non-venomous and peaceful towards corals, invertebrates, and other tankmates. To thrive in a home aquarium, Margarita Snails require a well-established tank with ample algae for them to feed on. They should be kept at cooler water temperatures with other peaceful tankmates. As with other invertebrates, the Margarita Snail is sensitive to high nitrate levels and copper-based medications, and should be acclimated to new aquariums using the drip method. Any small changes in water parameters, including pH, temperature, and alkalinity, can also affect their health. To promote shell growth, supplement calcium levels in your aquarium. It is important to note that the Margarita Snail may starve if algae levels become sparse, so supplementing their diet with dried seaweed is necessary. This can be done by using an algae clip or wrapping the seaweed around a rock or empty shell and placing it next to the glass in the aquarium.


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