Niger Trigger Medium

SKU: 369Categories: Saltwater Fish, Trigger

The Redtooth Trigger or Niger Trigger is a visually stunning fish that will add a touch of beauty to any home aquarium. The coloration of the Niger Triggerfish can vary within the species, ranging from purple to blue and blue/green, with an attractive, lighter blue highlight on its fins and long tail lobes. Additionally, the color temperature of the aquarium lighting can influence their coloration. As they mature, they develop bright red teeth and take on a dark purple color with a blue/green highlight around their face, making them captivating to observe while feeding. To thrive, the Niger Triggerfish requires an aquarium of at least 180 gallons with plenty of rocks and caves for shelter. They may also rearrange the aquarium’s landscaping and rocks. These fish produce “grunting” sounds as a form of vocalization. They are perfect for a more aggressive, fish-only display. To maintain their dental health, the Niger Triggerfish must have a varied diet of meaty foods such as squid, krill, clams, small fish, and hard-shelled shrimp.


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