Orange Lyretail Anthias Female

SKU: AO2733Categories: Anthias, Saltwater Fish

The Lyretail Anthias is a highly sociable and visually striking fish that can bring out the more timid fish in a marine aquarium. Also known as the Scalefin, the male Lyretail Anthias displays vibrant red hues, while the female tends to have more orange coloration. To keep the Lyretail Anthias in optimal condition, it is best to keep them in a group and house them in a species-specific aquarium of at least 125 gallons in size. It is recommended to keep male Lyretail Anthias alone or with several females. Though this species generally inhabits the middle of the aquarium, it requires multiple hiding places for security. Anthias species are all hermaphroditic, meaning that if a dominant male perishes, the largest female in the group may develop into a male and take his place. Once acclimated to a new environment, the Lyretail Anthias thrives on a varied diet of frozen mysis shrimp, enriched frozen brine shrimp, and high-quality flake foods offered in small quantities throughout the day. Cultivating copepods and amphipods in an attached refugium can provide a steady supply of live food to keep this active planktivore content.


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