Pajama Cardinal Large

SKU: AO1010Categories: Saltwater Fish

The Pajama Cardinalfish boasts a charming array of colors, with a greenish-yellow face, vibrant orange eyes, and a silver-toned body adorned with a striking black scalloped border and orange polka dots towards the rear. Despite its eye-catching appearance, the Sphaeramia nematoptera is a peaceful species that effortlessly blends into any community saltwater tank. To ensure the best possible care, it is recommended to keep the Pajama Cardinalfish in small schools within an aquarium of at least 30 gallons. As the Pajama Cardinalfish is a slow and methodical swimmer, it is best to pair it with tranquil tankmates and offer ample hiding spaces within rock formations or plants. Most Pajama Cardinalfish prefer to conceal themselves in sea grass or other plant life and may also use long-spined sea urchins as camouflage. When kept in small groups, like many other schooling fish, the Pajama Cardinalfish will establish a strict hierarchy. However, it differs from some social fish by not resorting to aggression to establish dominance over other cardinalfish. To maintain a healthy diet, the Pajama Cardinalfish requires a well-rounded selection of foods, including meaty options such as feeder shrimp, flake and pellet foods, marine flesh, bloodworms, and live feeder fish, depending on its size.


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