Randalli Assessor Basslet

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The Randall’s Assessor Basslet is a stunning fish that displays an attractive blue coloration with red accents in its fins as it matures. It may also exhibit a dusky purple hue, adding to its beauty. This fish is an excellent choice for reef aquariums. To keep a single Randall’s Assessor Basslet, provide at least a 30-gallon tank with plenty of rock caves for hiding. Larger tanks are necessary for keeping more individuals. Due to their aggression and territorial nature, it is best to keep only one male Blue Assessor Basslet in the tank. Assessor Basslets are initially shy and reclusive when introduced to the aquarium.


However, with proper aquascaping that offers ample rock to provide nooks and crannies for the fish to dwell in, the fish will be seen and enjoyed more frequently. Similar to other basslet types, the Randall’s Assessor has a penchant for swimming inverted or upside down. As a carnivore, the Randall’s Assessor Basslet thrives on a diet of meaty foods such as finely chopped fresh or frozen marine fish, squid, mysis shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, and frozen carnivore preparations. It should be fed at least twice a day.


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