Red Brittle Starfish

SKU: AO8337Categories: Invertebrates, Star Fish

The Red Brittle Starfish, also known as Ophiocoma wendti, is a commonly found starfish in the Keys and South Florida. It is a nocturnal scavenger, much like other brittle stars and some serpent stars, that hides under rocks during the day but emerges at night to feed. Although they can grow up to an inch in diameter with legs reaching up to 6 inches long, the average size we sell has a body that measures around 0.5 inches in diameter with arms that are 2 to 3 inches long. These starfish are reef safe and will eat any food that falls to the bottom. They can coexist peacefully with other brittle stars from the Caribbean, as well as with most other Caribbean starfish. Additionally, we offer nano versions of this starfish. Please note that due to natural variations within the species, the item you receive may not look identical to the image provided.


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