Red Firefish

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The Firefish Goby is a beloved fish in the marine hobby due to its striking coloration, unique body shape, and charming personality. This species is also referred to as the Fire Goby, Firefish, Magnificent or Fire Dartfish, and has a beautiful yellow head, white anterior, and a pinkish to orange-red posterior. Its fins are accented in black, making for an impressive display. In the wild, the Firefish Goby usually gathers in groups over the reef, feeding on planktonic food carried by the current. These fish are known for their timidity and have a “bolt-hole” into which they quickly retreat when threatened. In the home aquarium, the Firefish Goby requires multiple safety zones within the rocky crags or outcroppings, providing a place to dart into when stressed. This species is generally not aggressive towards other fish, but may show aggression towards other Firefish Gobies. However, a mated pair can coexist peacefully. To recreate their natural habitat, a 20-gallon or larger system with moderate lighting and current over the live rock “reef” is necessary. Due to the Firefish Goby’s tendency to jump when stressed, a lid for the aquarium is necessary. The Firefish Goby’s diet should consist of vitamin-enriched brine fish, live or frozen mysis shrimp, and prepared marine foods, in addition to the algae and zooplankton present in the aquarium. With proper care, the Firefish Goby is an excellent addition to smaller reef systems, and a great fish for marine hobbyists of all levels.


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