Red goatfish

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The Manybar Goatfish, scientifically known as Parupeneus multifasciatus or Red Goatfish, has a black and red body with muted black lines, and is divided by a thick cream-colored line. Similar to other goatfish species, it possesses beard-like projections called “barbels” that hang from its lower lip and are used to explore the sand for food sources. Taking care of a goatfish is somewhat nuanced but not too challenging. To keep them healthy, they need a tank that is at least 100 gallons in size and provides ample space for swimming. The tank should also have a sandy substrate, which enables the Red Goatfish to sift through the sand with its barbels in search of food. As a sand sifter, the Red Goatfish can be a useful addition to a tank. It is recommended to keep them with non-aggressive fish for optimal living conditions.


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