Red Lyretail Anthias Male

SKU: AO8635Categories: Saltwater Fish

Red Lyretail Anthias are a stunning addition to any aquarium when kept in groups. Female Orange Lyretail Anthias can be kept in groups of at least three, but a harem of 6 or 9 is recommended for their well-being. Within the group, one female usually transitions into a male. However, to avoid dominance struggles and achieve a more cohesive look, a male Red Yellow Breast Lyretail can be added for every 4 or 5 females. The females have predominantly orange coloration with yellow fins, and a pinkish purple stripe that runs from their eyes to their pectoral fins. Males, on the other hand, have red and purple coloration with vibrant red and yellow fins. They have an elongated dorsal fin, making them easy to distinguish from females. Additionally, males have a red stripe from their eyes to their pectoral fins and a bright yellow color on their breast. Lyretail Anthias reach a maximum size of about 5″ and require a sizable amount of swimming space.


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