Red Ring Wrasse

SKU: AO5189Categories: Saltwater Fish, Wrasse

The Hologymnosus species can be found in the Indo-Pacific waters, at variable depths ranging from 20 to almost 100 feet. Ringed Wrasses come in three distinct color variations. When young, they are white with red stripes, but as they mature, they change their colors and sex, finally reaching their multicolored terminal form. Juvenile Ringed Wrasses feed on typical wrasse foods like hard-shelled crustaceans and copepods. As they mature, they can consume most fish or mobile invertebrates they can capture and swallow. Ringed Wrasses require a good sandbed not only for sleeping but also for defense. Although these fish are beautiful, especially when young, be aware that they can grow up to 12 inches and are not friendly to smaller tankmates as adults. They are best kept in large fish-only tanks with tankmates that are too large to be eaten.


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