Royal Flasher Wrasse

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The Royal Flasher Wrasse is a species of flasher wrasse that originates from the Philippines and Northern Indonesia. It is also known as the Angular Flasher Wrasse due to its sharply angular dorsal and anal fins. The Royal Flasher Wrasse can be found in small groups near sheltered reefs that are rich in corals and algae, with females being the predominant members of the group. Male Royal Flasher Wrasses lack the dorsal filaments that are typical of many other species of flasher wrasse. The female Royal Flasher Wrasse has a subdued coloration in contrast to the brilliantly colored male, and the male will display its colorful fins to court potential mates. Interestingly, the Royal Flasher Wrasse’s coloration can vary significantly depending on its mood. The Royal Flasher Wrasse is a peaceful and active fish that can add both color and movement to a fish-only or reef aquarium. A well-filtered marine aquarium that is 55 gallons or larger with ample rockwork provides an excellent habitat for this species. The Royal Flasher Wrasse is also ideal for the reef aquarium as it does not harm corals or invertebrates. A single male Royal Flasher Wrasse can be kept with a group of females, provided they are introduced at the same time or prior to the male. As with other flasher wrasses, a tight fitting canopy is essential to prevent jumping. The Royal Flasher Wrasse’s diet should consist of vitamin-enriched frozen mysis shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods along with high quality marine flake and pellet foods.


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