Sea Apple Cucumber

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The Sea Apple, also known as the Philippine Sea Apple, displays a variety of colors on its body and tentacles, but consistently has yellow feet. It’s commonly called the Violet Sea Apple or Violet Sea Urchin due to its blue to violet oral region. It thrives in a well-established reef aquarium with ample space to move around and plenty of live rock to forage on. Once it finds a suitable spot, usually in a high-current area, it typically stays there. Be sure to protect all pump and power head intakes to prevent the Sea Apple from being sucked in. It is highly sensitive to copper-based medications and abrupt changes in pH or salinity, which can cause it to shed its oral tentacles. Avoid housing Sea Apples with any fish that may nip at their tentacles, especially species known to pick on feather dusters, such as Butterflyfish and Large Angels, as well as any species that are not considered safe with invertebrates. When feeding, the Sea Apple extends its oral tentacles into the current to filter out food, which it then draws into its mouth. In the aquarium, a daily diet of phytoplankton, in frozen, liquid, or dried form, is necessary.


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