Sixline Wrasse Small

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The Six Line Wrasse is a stunning and active member of the Labridae family that adds a burst of color to any marine reef aquarium. Its orange body is adorned with six distinct, horizontal blue lines that become more intense during courtship displays. However, it’s the Six Line Wrasse’s energetic movements amongst rock formations and corals that make it a fascinating sight to behold. Also referred to as the Sixline or Sixstripe Wrasse, Pseudocheilinus hexataenia is indigenous to the Indo-Pacific reefs and the coast of Fiji. In the wild, it scavenges for food amongst corals and rocks while mostly keeping to itself. In captivity, the Six Line Wrasse requires a peaceful setting with ample hiding places and live rock for foraging. It will actively search for small crustaceans such as pyramidellid snails, urchins, and commensal flatworms as live foods. Additionally, it is known to consume unwanted pests on live rock, such as bristleworms. Although generally peaceful, the Six Line Wrasse can become aggressive towards other peaceful Wrasses and easily intimidated fish, especially when it is inadequately fed or has limited hiding places. To maintain optimal health, the Six Line Wrasse’s diet should consist of vitamin-enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin-enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods, along with high-quality marine flakes and marine pellet foods.


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