Small Nassarius Snail

SKU: AO5609Categories: Invertebrates, Snail

The Nassarius Snail may be small, but it has a voracious appetite. This diligent creature glides through your aquarium in search of food, making it an ideal addition to your reef aquarium’s cleanup crew. With just a small group of Nassarius Snails, you’ll quickly notice a reduction in detritus, uneaten food, decaying organics, and fish waste. Sporting an oval, spiral shell reminiscent of an olive pit, the Nassarius Snail is a tiny scavenger. It prefers to burrow in the sand, leaving its long, tube-like siphon protruding from the substrate as it forages for food. The Nassarius Snail even aids in preventing substrate compaction and aerating aquarium substrate. An established aquarium with live rock and a deep sand bed is the preferred home for the Nassarius Snail. It is sensitive to high nitrate levels and copper-based medications. However, breeding this species in captivity is exceedingly difficult.


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