Temmnicki wrasse

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Most species of the Cirrhilabrus genus are suitable for aquariums and are known for their vibrant colors. They are generally peaceful, but may exhibit aggression towards similar species. It is recommended to introduce the largest males last when keeping multiple species together. Different individuals may have varying boldness levels, with some quickly adapting to their new environment and others requiring a more tranquil introduction. Due to their tendency to swim upwards when feeling threatened, a secure lid and overflow are necessary to avoid injury. Males may display rough behavior towards one another, but one male with multiple females is a compatible combination. It is recommended to introduce them simultaneously or introduce the females first. Fairy Wrasses, similar to some Parrotfish, create a mucus cocoon to sleep between rocks. They require a varied and high-quality diet consisting of appropriately sized frozen and flake foods to maintain their coloration. As active feeders, they should be fed at least twice a day. Color variations can vary depending on their origin and can be strikingly different between males and females. Males may also change color during courtship. They are reef safe, small shrimp like sexy shrimp may not be compatible.


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