Tiger Brittle Starfish

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The Serpent Sea Star, also known as the Fancy Tiger-Striped, boasts a slender physique and striking coloration that sets it apart from other starfish commonly found in home aquariums. Unlike typical starfish, the Ophiolepsis superba has long, almost spindly arms that fan out from its central disc. However, this sea star’s thin appendages are compensated by its exceptional color form and ravenous appetite. Its arms are adorned with striking bands of brown and red, which enhance the unique beauty of this member of the Ophiuridae family. Moreover, the Serpent Sea Star is a carnivore that can swiftly consume any leftover meaty food that drops into your aquarium. This sea star is native to reefs worldwide and is also known as the Banded Serpent or Banded Brittle Starfish. In a home aquarium, it necessitates plenty of room to explore and ample hiding places. The Fancy Tiger-Striped Serpent Sea Star thrives in larger systems, as it can grow up to 1 foot in diameter, measured from arm tip to arm tip. Although the Fancy Tiger-Striped Serpent Sea Star is primarily nocturnal, it may learn to feed during the day. However, it becomes lethargic if nitrate levels are too high. This sea star should be given small, chopped pieces of meat, shrimp, mussel, or fish for sustenance. Like other invertebrates, the Fancy Tiger-Striped Serpent Sea Star is highly sensitive to abrupt changes in oxygen levels, salinity, and pH of the water, and cannot withstand copper-based medications. Due to their sensitivity to changes in water chemistry, it is strongly recommended to acclimate all Sea Stars using the drip method. Also, while handling, this sea star should never be exposed to air. Breeding the Fancy Tiger-Striped Serpent Sea Star in an aquarium is quite challenging, as there are no distinguishing characteristics to distinguish it from its mate.


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