Turbo Snails

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The Turbo Snail is a popular choice among reef aquarium enthusiasts, as it effectively removes significant amounts of nuisance algae. This snail species is especially fond of hair algae and can consume large quantities of it, as well as other types of algae found on live rock and aquarium glass. Also known as the Turban or Top Shell Snail, Turbo fluctuosa has a thick, turban-shaped shell with a shiny interior. The Turbo Snail is naturally found in the Gulf of California, which is off the coast of Mexico. In addition to being an excellent member of your aquarium’s cleanup crew, the Turbo Snail thrives in crevices and holes in natural reefs. To ensure its well-being in a home aquarium, the Turbo Snail requires ample hiding places and enough space to graze. Some reef aquarists prefer to keep the Turbo Snail in aquariums with well-secured rockwork, as this herbivorous snail can knock over loose rocks in search of food. The peaceful Turbo Snail should not be kept with aggressive tankmates that can harm this slow-moving creature. If there is insufficient algae in the aquarium, supplement the snail’s diet with dried seaweed. Adequate calcium levels are also necessary to help the Turbo Snail build its protective shell. Like other invertebrates, the Turbo Snail is sensitive to copper-based medications and high nitrate levels. It is recommended to use the drip-acclimation method to acclimate the Turbo Snail to the aquarium water, as even minor changes in water parameters can be harmful to it. The approximate purchase size of a Turbo Snail ranges from 3/4″ to 2″. It is important to note that Turbo Snails are not harvested from July to September due to the extreme heat in Mexico, which makes them unavailable for purchase during these months. Margarita Snails are a suitable substitute for Turbo Snails during this period.


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