Tuxedo Urchin

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The Blue Tuxedo Urchin, also called the Sphere Urchin or Globe Urchin, has broad-colored bands ranging from five to ten. Typically, these bands are blue or black with red, brown, or dark spines. This combination gives the Tuxedo Urchin a formal appearance, hence the name “Tuxedo Urchin.” During the day, the Tuxedo Urchin usually hides among rocks, in crevices, or under plants in a sandy substrate. At night, it emerges to graze on the algae present in or near its home. This species usually roams alone, but if provided with sufficient food (algae) and shelter, several Tuxedo Pincushion Urchins can be kept in the same aquarium. However, it is sensitive to high levels of copper-based medications and cannot tolerate high nitrate levels. Poor water conditions can cause it to lose spines. If the algae levels are low, the diet of the Tuxedo Urchin will need to be supplemented with dried seaweed.


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