Wide Bar Black Gladiator Clownfish

SKU: AO3162Categories: Saltwater Fish

The Wide Bar Mocha Gladiator Clownfish, bred from a Wide Bar Gladiator and a super black Darwin Ocellaris, boasts a unique and striking appearance with its dark orange coloration and wide white bars. Developed by renowned fish breeder Bill Addison, these captive-bred clownfish can grow up to 3 inches in size and can be kept alone or in groups. Compared to their wild counterparts, Captive Bred Wide Bar Mocha Gladiator Clownfish are hardier and more accustomed to the conditions found in home aquariums, making them a great choice for novice and experienced aquarists alike. Breeding these clownfish in a home aquarium is a simple process. The female is typically the larger of the pair, and the two fish tend to stay near each other in the aquarium. These egg-layers will deposit their eggs on a flat surface and protect them from other tank mates. The eggs typically hatch in 8-11 days, and the fry must be raised separately on a diet of rotifers and baby brine shrimp. To ensure optimal health, the diet of the Captive Bred Wide Bar Mocha Gladiator Clownfish should include meaty items such as frozen shrimp and herbivore preparations. When handling these fish, it is important to use a specimen container instead of a net, as their cheek spines can become entangled.


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