Yellow Belly Hippo Tang small

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The Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang is a stunning color variation of the popular Blue Tang fish. While it shares the same attractive coloration as the Blue Tang, the Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang has a richer and deeper blue hue, along with a brilliant yellow color that covers a larger portion of its body. The yellow coloring is most prominent on its tail and continues across the belly, adding an exciting burst of color. Young Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tangs don’t show the yellow belly coloration until they mature. With its bold black markings resembling a painter’s palette, this fish is a striking addition to any reef or fish-only aquarium. Native to Indian Ocean reefs, the Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang prefers to have plenty of hiding spots among live rocks. However, as an active swimmer, it also needs ample space to move around in the aquarium to maintain good health. While generally peaceful with other tank mates, the Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang may display aggressive behavior towards other fish of its own species. If keeping multiple specimens, it’s best to introduce all of them at the same time into a larger marine system. Although Tangs can eat meaty foods along with other fish in the tank, it’s important to offer them plenty of marine-based algae or seaweed. This helps strengthen their immune system, reduce aggression, and improve overall health. Dried seaweed can be tied to a rock or used with a veggie clip and should be offered at least three times a week. Products like Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, and Ocean Nutrition are ideal and easy to use.


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