Zebra Dwarf Lionfish

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The Zebra Lionfish or Dwarf Lionfish, scientifically known as Dendrochirus zebra, boasts red, white, and black vertical stripes on its body, along with large pectoral fins resembling fans, and tall dorsal fins that resemble quills. To house this species, a 50-gallon or larger aquarium with several hiding places is recommended as they tend to conceal themselves while adapting to their new surroundings. Additionally, their top spines contain venom that causes reactions comparable to bee stings. To alleviate the effects of a sting, soak the impacted area in hot water ranging from 100-110º F. When introducing the Dwarf Lionfish to an aquarium, it’s best to use live saltwater feeder shrimp to entice it to eat. Their diet comprises meaty foods such as live shrimp (including ornamental shrimp), live fish, and occasionally crustacean flesh.


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