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a large aquarium filled with lots of colorful fish

You know what you want, why keep looking?

Is there a fish you just can't seem to find? Why wait and pay full price? Let us preorder the fish of your dreams and save you 20% in the process! It's quick too.. we get orders in twice a week, you're only a few days between ordering and getting your new pet!

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yellow and white fish underwater photography
blue and yellow fish swimming underwater

It's better for your livestock.

The life of a fish is hard. They go through multiple trips to make it to us here in Las Vegas. When you preorder a fish you get them in the bag they were shipped in, saving stress and extra acclimation cycles for your new friend!

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Frequently asked questions

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It’s quick, but it depends. Fish are flown from all over the world… Fiji, The Red Sea, Hawaii, so flight times vary. But on average 3-5 days. Unique fish, extra large fish, or fish not usually found in the hobby can take as long as two weeks though on the extreme end of things.

Yes! Most fish are caught so availability varies depending on luck and local laws that are always changing. But if it is available, we can order it for you.

It’s simple! Email us by clicking our contact us link, or give us a call. Let us know what you’re looking for. Depending on the fish we can tell you instantly what the cost and time frame will be. More unique fish might take a bit of research, but if it is out there, we can get it!