The Artistic Oceans Difference

We skip the middle man and get fish directly from all over the world. All our fish are then inspected, and dipped before going into tanks that are run on individual systems instead of one large system. Each system is plumbed with its own filtration and powerful UV system andtuned to the animal with combinations of hyposaliniity, copper or prazipro. This leads to the healthiest fish possible with the lowest risk to your tank. NOBODY else does this.

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6 Month Saltwater Fish Guarantee!!

In an industry first, we are giving all our customers the peace of mind of a 6 month saltwater fish guarantee! This comes with no limitations or exclusions, including a fish jumping out of the tank, bad water parameters, or bullying from other fish. We have strived to keep the price extremely affordable so you no longer have to stress over an expensive loss!!
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State of the art Water Tests

We have invested in the most advanced water testing equipment in the world. It simultaneously, and accurately tests; Ph, Phosphate, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity.
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20% off all preorders!

This is not a cheap hobby! But we are here to help. Any livestock preorders get an automatic 20% discount! See in store, or click the link below for details!
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Newest Products

Check out our newest products. We are always purchasing the newest and most unique corals, livestock and equipment available on the market today.

How We Can Help Your Saltwater Aquarium

Our highly trained staff can handle all of your saltwater aquarium needs ranging from monthly maintenance all the way to replumbing and tank moves.

  • Red Sea & Waterbox

    We are authorized dealers for all Red Sea & Waterbox products

  • Lab Grade Testing

    Instant water testing for phos, nitrate, nitrite, pH, magnesium, cal, alk, and ammonia

  • Custom Tanks

    Looking to purchase a custom saltwater tank? We can help!

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