Helpful How Tos For Your Fish Tank

Tang fish swimming next to corals in a saltwater fishtank

How to pick the right aquarium for you

At our store, Artistic Oceans in Las Vegas, we have learned quite a bit about what aquariums fit what people. Here are some helpful hints for picking out the best aquarium for you. Livestock for Aquarium One of the first…...

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Food Additives for Fish

There are 100's of food additives for sale. Vitamins, pills, powders, liquids, you name it, the choices are limitless. We are going to talk about what works, what it does, and what might work. How to add Additivies There is…...

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person holding black and silver hand tool

Why UV is a must

UV has been around for awhile, what does it do? Why should you have it? Which one should you get? Lets talk about all this and more What is UV? UV refers to ultraviolet sterilization. UV sterilizers are devices that…...

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four UV fluorescent lamps turned on

How to handle Velvet

Marine Velvet is the worst parasite, disease, or infection that you can get in your saltwater aquarium. Not only is it extremely infectious, it also is very difficult to get rid of, and very deadly. Most tanks that get velvet…...

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Treating Brooklynella in your tank

What is Brooklynella? Brooklynella is a fatal disease that affects marine fish by attacking their gills and creating a buildup of mucous. It is caused by the ciliated protozoan Brooklynella hostilis. These parasites live on the skin of fish and…...

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How to get rid of ICH

Saltwater ich, also known as marine ich or Cryptocaryon irritans, is a parasitic infection that commonly affects saltwater fish. The disease is caused by a protozoan parasite that attaches itself to the fish's skin and gills, causing white spots or…...

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How to acclimate new marine life

Buying a new saltwater fish, piece of coral or an invertebrate is just the first step. You need to then transport your new pet home, get them in your tank with the best chance of survival possible. This is the…...

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