Emergency Treatment for Intestinal Worms

Emergency Care

Intestinal worms or pathogens come in a few different varieties but the solutions for them all are fairly simple. They are easy to spot with pieces of white, stringy poop hanging from the fish. This can be accompanied by weight loss, even with the fish eating well. This is a slow disease if the fish is still eating.


  1. Seachem Metroplex
  2. Seachem Focus
  3. Prazipro


We are using a 1-2 punch here to handle all causes simultaneously. First we are going to dose metroplex, per the instructions to the food you are feeding the fish, use Focus to bind this to the food. This will handle any protozoan or bacterial causes.

Second we are going to dose Prazipro to the water to handle any intestinal worms, again according to the bottles instructions.

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